15 things your cat Hate that you should avoid

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Knowing both what your cat needs and what needs to be avoided are essential to making them happy.

Do you know whats makes your cat irritate?

or whats makes your cat untrust you? 

If so,We are going to explain 15 things you must avoid when having a cat in your care

things your cat hates

1.Fail to respect the basic freedoms of Animal Welfare

Welcoming a cat into the home requires a great level of responsibility for ensuring their welfare. This means keeping them free of thirst, hunger, malnutrition, pain, and disease all while letting them express their feline nature without fear for stress.

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2.Not taking them to the vet.

Even if your cat is Well, you should take them to the veterinary clinic for a yearly preventive check to verify their health and bring their vaccinations and deworming schedules up to date.

Also, If You should observe a sudden change in behavior. You should take a cat to be checked before a health problem progresses beyond help.

cats in vet

3.Punish or Scold them:

As much as there are situations that make you lose your patience, punishment is totally contradicted.

If you want to educate a cat, your cat doesn’t understand the reason for your anger so they can begin to distrust and show rejection towards you.

In addition, They will suffer stress and therefore you will only make the situation worse.

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4.Not Paying Enough Attention 

A cat is a playful social animal that needs exercise. Therefore, you need to spend time every day either to pamper them or play with them.

You must spend quality time together practicing activities that stimulate them cognitively and physically.

Otherwise, your cat will be bored and accumulate a lot of energy making them irritable, stressed, and develop behavior problems. 

How do you know if your cat loves you

5.Not Respecting their Boundaries 

Even if you don’t do it with bad intentions, it is likely that sometimes you will be to affect with your kitten to the point of overwhelming them.

Often, the best way to show your cat that you love them is by respecting their limits, understanding when they are receptive to pampering, when they want to play and when they want to be left alone.

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6.Perform an onychectomy 

Onychectomy is a surgical procedure that involves amputating the last Phalanx of each of a cat’s paws to remove the bone joint nerves and blood vessels.

It is also known as declawing and is done with the intention of removing the claws So they do not perform behaviors people consider annoying such as scratching us or destroying upholstery.

It is a cruel practice with serious negative physical and psychological repercussions for the well-being of the cat.

You should train them to redirect these behaviors and use appropriate tools such as scratching posts or toys.


7.Humanize them and not let them be a Cat.

If you try to relate it to a cat from a human perspective only, many misunderstandings will arise which confuse and harm them.

Their needs and ours are not the same. This is why you need to identify whether your approach to care and treatment is appropriate from a feline perspective or Not.

Also, you need to understand that a cat has certain needs specific to their species such as scratching, playing, meowing Etc.

Through appropriate guidance and positive reinforcement, you should redirect these behaviors into appropriate activities.

smells cats hate

If you dont know how to understand your cat better than go for How to Understand Your Cat Better?

8.Enjoy making them feel Bad

Many people find it amusing to put their cats in compromising situations to get a reaction often scaring or hurting them in the process.

This range and cruelty but even some would seem like a game can be harmful. For example, playing with a laser pointer means the cat will never catch the leg which can cause serious frustration and confusion.

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9.Abandon Them.

Some people are simply too irresponsible to adopt a cat. When they get tired of them, They simply abandon in nature.

Many of these animals die if they don’t know how to survive or end up in a shelter and have difficulties in rehoming.

How do you know if your cat loves you

10.Not educating Them

Education is an essential part of a happy coexistence with cats. This way cats don’t learn habits, which can cause a nuisance such as biting or scratching furniture.

With proper guidance and positive reinforcement, cats can learn the rules of home and behave appropriately.

take care of kitten

11.Smoking with them

Smoke is very harmful to a cat’s lungs. They can develop serious health problems If they inhale it constantly.

Furthermore, with their need to groom regularly by licking, they can ingest toxic particles from the cigarette which settle onto the coat.

cat smoking

12.Treat them like a toy

In some homes, Cats are brought in to be a playing thing for children, As if they were little more than a stuffed toy.

This is why it is necessary to explain to kids the importance of respect for Animals as well as supervising play sessions.

toy cat

13.Appropriate food

Sometimes you may feel like pampering your cat with food, especially if they give you longing looks. However, giving cat inappropriate food such as chocolate cookies are other types that will harm health, especially in the long term.

If you want to offer your furry friends at the more suitable, you can buy them different treats, wet foods are other ingredients, which will not harm their help.

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14.Expose them to loud or annoying noises

Cats are very sharp hearing so it can be very stressful if they are constantly exposed to loud noises. Therefore, your cat should have an area in the home where they can rest quietly without being exposed to large noises.

Similarly, It is not advisable for your cat to carry a bell as this sign can bother them.

cat with sound

15.Dress them up with Annoying accessories

Thanks to specialist doors on the internet, there are more and more options to dress up your cat.

If you are thinking of purchasing any of these products spare a thought to what your cat will think. You should never dress them up in items, which are uncomfortable or harmful to them.

Before buying an accessory for your cat, always make sure it does not hinder their mobility, prevent them from grooming, or cause any physical harm.

Now, you know what you should not to do with your cat and do not hesitate to continue investigating to know what you can do to promote well being

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This is why we share this content which we show you how to welcome a cat into your home.

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