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Self-confessed cat lovers will know the different cat breed which is adopted come from shelters. They are types of cat which may have been lost or ill-treated, But many are simply abandoned as soon as they are born.

Adopting a cat in this way is a noble and loving act.

If you have adopted a kitten, then it may be difficult to distinguish the characteristics at such a young age.

Once they have grown into adulthood or have been adopted as adults, They will begin to assume the physical characteristics that will have for the rest of their lives.

Once this happens, It’s normal to want to know about the types of cat breed of the animal and what different cat breed characters and appearances they have with other cats.

To help situate your curiosity, we had prepared this short article. 

types of cat

Whether you’ve just adopted a cat or going to, you’re taking them For a regular checkup. Speaking to your vet is always a good idea.

They should be expert on different cat breeds and may discover some clues about the origin of your cat breed from their physical characteristics.

If you do not know what your cat’s breed looks like, you can examine their features and physiognomy by looking at forward:

Ear Shape:

  • Large, Elongated Ears
  • Small, Triangular and Sharp
  • Small with Tufts Inside

Types of Coat and Shades:

  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Colour

Muzzle Shape:

  • Inverted or Flattened Snout
  • Rounded/Medium Snout
different cat breed

After looking closely at the physical characteristics of your feline, look for photos of cats similar to them in our galleries of breed images.

Maybe you will notice some specific traits that help you out in your search.

Also, take a look at the grips and breeds of cats or different cat breed established by the FIFE -International feline Federation.

We list these cats one by one so you can see which Cat may best resemble your own cat breed.

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Group 1

Group 1 types of cat breed belong to Persian and exotic cats all of which share as main characteristics; small ears and a dense coat.

These cats can be medium or large in size. The breeds that compromise category is in the second group.


Group I

    1.   Birman

    2.   Persian

    3.   Ragdoll

    4.    Exotic

    5.    Turkish Van

Group 2

In this Group of different cat breed, We find cats of the semi-long coat usually accompanied by a thick tail.

Felines in this category may have large or small ears depending on the breed may also be of large or medium-sized. 

Maine coon

Group II

     1. American Curl Longhair

     2. American Curl Shorthair

     3. LaPerm Longhair

     4. LaPerm shorthair

     5. Maine Coon

     6. Turkish Angora

     7. Siberian

     8. Neva Masquerade

     9. Norwegian Forest Cat

Group 3

The cat belonging to the third group of different cat breed has a short and fine coat as their main characteristics.

It has large ears and strong musculature. The tail can be thick or thin as well as long.

british shorthair cat breed

Group III

     1. British Shorthair

     2. English Longhair

     3. European Shorthair

     4. Cymric

     5. Kurilian Bobtail Longhair

     6. Kurilean Bobtail Shorthair

     7. Snowshoe

     8. Selkirk Rex Longhair

     9. Selkirk Rex Shorthair

   10. Manx

   11. Egyptian Mau

   12. Singapura

   13. Bengal

   14. Chartreux

   15. Korat

   16. Ocicat

   17. Sokoke

   18. Burmilla

   19. Burmese    

Group 4

This category is designated for Siamese and Eastern cats.

Some of these breeds are even known to have such a fine coat that they blend with the skin or don’t have any at all.

However, one of the main characteristics of this group is their elongated posture, small ears and the thick or thin tail.

siamese cat breeds

     1.   Cornish Rex

     2. Devon Rex

     3. Sphynx

     4. German Rex

     5. Japanese Bobtail

     6. Oriental Longhair

     7. Oriental Shorthair

     8. Peterbald

     9. Russian Blue

   10. Siamese

    11. Somali

    12. Thai C

   13. Donskoy

Group 5:

This group is intended for breeds of cat which are not yet recognized by the international feline Federation.

Bombay cat

     1. American Bobtail Shorthair

     2. American Bobtail Longhair

     3. American Shorthair

     4. American Wirehair

     5. Asian Longhair

     6. Asian Shorthair

     7. Australian Mist

     8. Bombay

     9. Bohemian Rex

   10. Tonkinese Longhair

   11. Tonkinese Shorthair

   12. Me-Kong Bobtail

   13. Nebelung

   14. Tiffanie

   15. Ragamuffin

   16. Lykoi

Identifying the different type of cat breed

1.Identify a long hair Persian type :

Typical peculiarities of these types of cat include short noses miniature ears and a lot of furs.

If judged from a show point of view, this cat must agree to an equivalent standard for type, shape, size and length of fur.

Designs and colours include tabbies( Possibly The brown tabby is the oldest type of cat breed of Persian type), smoke, Lilac, white, black etc.

They tend to be quiet undemanding cats and they’re normally very gentle in nature. Common long hair Persian types of cat include:

² Chinchillas

² Shaded silvers

² Colourpoint (Himalayan)

² Exotic Longhair

2.British and American Shorthair Types of cat breed

Among different cat breed, these cats tend to look nearly the same to the inexperienced eye, although there are different expectations between American and British standards. 

While these cats have short coats, they have very thick undercoats that can easily become matted. Coat Colours include white, black, blue, cream, chocolate and lilac. 

The patterns can be tabby, Calico (tortoiseshell) and white, colorPoint, tipped, Smoke bi-color Etc.

 These cats are habitually heavy, large cats when fully grown but they are quiet, gentle, affectionate and Calm by nature. 

They’re great with children. Some of the more common breeds of these types of cat include:  

² Manx

² British shorthair

² American shorthair

3.determine if a cat is Burmese types of cat

The Burmese cat is an attention seeker who is typically regularly on the go. This types of cat breed require tons of care because they hesitate being left on their own.

They are known for his or her temperament which is both loving and vocal among different cat breed. They’ve also known for their “dog-cat” trends of reclaiming and loyalty.

Comparing to a different cat breed, This cat’s coat comes in many colours including Brown( Sable), glue, chocolate (champagne), Lilac( Platinum), red, cream, Brown tortoiseshell (Calico), blue tortoiseshell, chocolate tortoiseshell Lilac, tortoiseshell.

4.Identify Siamese types of cat breed:

This cat is one between the foremost easily accepted cats due to its freakish colour pointed pattern.

It is highly vocal and it cannot stand to be left alone But must have companionship and be involved.

These type of cat breed are intelligent and really sociable, but they do have a tendency to be one-person cats.

As like another different cat breed, They come in a number of patterns and colours. Coat Colours include Seal Point, Blue Point, chocolate point, lilac point, cream  Point, tabby-point and many others, depending upon the assistance of different cat breed.

5.Learn to spot Oriental short hairs types of cat.

Among different cat breed, these cats are like Siamese in size and shape, but they have a great variety of coat colours that do not adhere to the Siamese type.

Their nature is nearly the same as Siamese and they are elegant-affectionate, playful and intelligent.

They also can be powerful, non-stop Chatters and can have destructive Tendencies if left alone too long. Different cat breed of these types of a cat includes:

² Cornish Rex

² Devon Rex.

² Abyssinian

² American Wirehaired

² American curl

² Bengal

² Ocicat

² Burmilla

² Russian Blue

² Egyptian Mau

² Korat

² Japanese bobtail

² Tonkinese

² Traditional Siamese

² Scottish Fold

² Sphinx

6.Consider whether a cat is non-pedigreed

 Non-pedigreed cats don’t conform to any of the types of cat breed I.e pedigreed cats and they come in a variety of colours and sizes, large and small, black or white Tabby or bi-colour.

These types of cat breed make up most of the domestic cats in the world.

Consider purchasing a DNA test online. This can offer you a breakdown of the breed inheritance of the cat.

If you are trying to decide on the cat for a pet consider a non-pedigreed, there are always plenty of them needing homes and unless you’re dead set on a particular pedigree for a very good reason, give a home to intelligent often healthier random breed.

In general, random-bred cats tends to have fewer genetic health problems.


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