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Now let’s learn all about the Siamese cat with all its information,characterstics and types of siamese cats.

siamese cat breed

The Siamese cat originated in Thailand, which used to be Siam and there are two versions the original breed which is known as a Thai cat, and the modern Siamese cat which was bred from the Thai cat. There are sometimes called Meezers

The Thai cat has features that are considered old style font with a more rounded head and body than the fashionable Siamese cat breed which features a triangular head shape, large ears, and an elongated Muscular body and coloration at its points. 

The original Thai cat is a very old breed and is considered to be around since the 14th century. Its been mentioned in Literature throughout history but became mainstream when it was introduced to England in the late 1800s breeding to established desired characteristics resulted in the siamese cat that we know today but the international cat association and other cat organizations identify both the Siamese cat and Thai cat.

siamese kittens

The markings of the Siamese on quite interesting. The pointed pattern is caused by a mutated enzyme that is heat-sensitive,

which means that the parts of the cat’s body that are cooler develop the darker coloration like the ears and face.

The distinctive coloration starts appearing several weeks after birth and gets darker because of the cat ages. Siamese cats living in warm climates have lighter coats than those who live in cold climates. The colorations include Seal Point, Blue Point, chocolate point, and lilac point.

All Siamese cat breeds have blue eyes. The Siamese cat breed is very intelligent and affectionate and is one among the few breeds which will fetch objects like dogs. They want to be near people or other cats and are known to fall into depression if left alone for long periods of time.

siamese cat drinking

The lifespan of a Siamese unfortunately is shorter than other breeds. The median lifespan is between 10 and 12 and a half years.

Character and Care:

Their personality is distinctive in the cat world. Not only do they fetch but they’re also Talkative of and opinionated.

They’re socially demanding and anyone considering a Siamese cat breed must be willing to spend more time with them than with other breeds.

Siamese cat breeds are best as house cats, if allowed to go outdoors, they’re susceptible to diseases just like other cats but Siamese cat breeds can also be the victims of being stolen by people who want a beautiful cat without paying for it.

If you are considering a Siamese cat, keep in mind to personality traits, they love to talk, they love to interact and they love to be with you all the time and consider getting a pair.

They’ll be much happier with someone to play with when you run out of steam and now, you know all about the Siamese cat.

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siamese cat breed

Siamese cat Breeders like to sell them in pairs, So they keep each other company.


As for health problems, many Siamese cat breed suffers from mammary tumors and urinary tract infections, asthma, and bronchial disease also as heart problems also are common.

They’re also often cross-eyed a condition associated with the enzyme that causes their point Coloration but they focus just fine.

The Siamese cat breed is considered easy to grow they shed less than other breeds.    

  • Some specification of Siamese cat breeds


Thailand (200 Years back)

Eye color:


Life Span:

8 – 12 Years


Chocolates,seal,Lilac,Blue, Cream,Fawn,Cinnamon

Weight Range:

Male: 8-12 Lbs

Female: <8 Lbs




15 to 20 Inches(Excluding Tail)



Siamese cat Breed -Sharing My Experiences

In this section, We will talk about the siamese cat breed’s behavior, needs, Care, Health, and compatibility with other pets, and more.

For almost 10 years I have chosen these cats but I also will use experiences from other Siamese cat breed owners and Siamese cat breeders that I personally know and all my research over the years. 

blue eyes cat

First, I will talk a little about the history of the appearance and colors. Siamese cats are originated from Thailand and the first mentioned in ancient manuscripts around 200 years ago.

They are always born White and then develop the color over time. The exception is a Siamese kitten with extremely rare color foreign white since it stays white its whole life.

Even though foreign white siamese are completely white and have blue eyes. Siamese kittens have always blue eyes, but their coat colors have a broad variety, but that variety only stays for them the point Gene which makes the color on the face, legs, and tail the darkest.

Types of Siamese Cats

Like I mentioned before, there are two types of siamese cats :

The traditional Siamese cat, which is also called the Thai cat, and the modern Siamese.

The traditional Siamese has mostly the head and body type of a regular cat.

The modern Siamese looks completely different. It has a Slender face big ears in a long slender body. There are two ancient genes that are barely found in the group nowadays.

Number one is the squinting and the other one is the curled tail tip. In ancient times those two traits were very common but they were bred out almost completely by breeders.

My siamese kittens were born with both breeds by coincidence. She’s squinting and has a curly tail tip, even though her brother Tome, all her other Little Maids in her parents don’t have those traits.

Both breeds don’t bother her and she can do anything like a regular cat can. There is also a long hair version of the Siamese cat. It’s called the Balinese.

siamese cat breeds

Behavior, Needs, and Compatibility of Siamese cat breed

 Siamese cat breeds are extremely playful, curious, active, and love to talk but also can be very stubborn, changeable.

They are also extremely people-oriented, social, and affectionate. They also still highly active and playful until old age. So it’s an alarming sign if a Siamese cat only gets calm sleep or lays around a lot and she was barely any playfulness.

Such kind of lazy Behavior results from depression or sickness and pain.

My two Siamese cats are almost 10 years old and they are still acting like they were in 2 years of age. As Siamese cats should never be kept without another fitting cat companion, they usually even love to be on a big cat group.

It’s best to get another Siamese kittens as a company or a related breed like Oriental shorthair and longhair Balinese or cat breed which is known to have very high energy, Playfulness, and very important, they need to cuddle with other cats. Siamese cats love to cuddle with other cats and if they get denied of that because the other cat was chosen wrongly siamese will be unhappy.

Usually, it also won’t go well with a calm cat as a companion and fights about to happen.

Generally, Siamese cat breeds are highly sensitive and can show very quickly behavioral issues when they are kept as a solitary Cat or they feel neglected by their owner Or they have any other reason to be unhappy with their life.

Depression will conclude lack of motivation, aggression moody or Grampy Behavior, destroying things, a lot of howling and fighting with other pets in the home, growling, scratching, biting or even self-harm behavior are some examples which point to big unhappiness of the Siamese cat

chocolate point siamese


But as long as a Siamese cat gets a breed appropriate and fulfilling life, there will be no problems at all and it will be the sweetest pet You can imagine. Since the Siamese cat is so extremely sensitive.

It’s usually quite difficult to live at home alone for holidays, even if a nice cat sitter is feeding and playing with the cat and even if there is another cat as a companion.

One whole day can work out if it gets longer than that it can cause various problems. It’s not rare that Siamese cat fall in such a deep depression that they completely refuse to eat anything for days and only start eating again when their owners back. So that should have taken very seriously.

I always take my Two Siamese with me on vacation trips.

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